Updated on September 29, 2020, 09:37AM (AST)

16.09.2020, 17:51

Benchmark for 1st coupon of Kazakhstan’s 3-year bonds has no more than 55 bps, 7-year bonds - no more than 65 bps, 10-year bonds - no more than 70 bps towards federal loan bonds of comparable duration

MOSCOW. Sept 16 (Interfax) – Kazakhstan’s Finance Ministry has set a benchmark rate of no more than 55 basis points towards 3-year federal loan bonds for the 1st coupon of 3-year bonds of the 1st issue worth 20 billion rubles, a benchmark rate of no more than 65 basis points towards 7-year federal loan bonds for 7th issue worth 10 billion rubles with a circulation period of 7 years and a benchmark rate of no more than 70 basis points towards 10-year federal loan bonds for 11th issue worth 10 billion rubles, a source in the financial market has told Interfax.

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